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The mission of the Willingboro School District is to successfully educate all students through high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and equal access to a comprehensive educational program, emphasizing the belief that all students will learn and become responsible, literate, thinking and contributing members of society. 


Vision Statement

In our vision for the future, our key word is ALL. No longer can any school district shoulder the entire responsibility for the education and social well being of our children. Rather, we must ALL work together and share in that responsibility. Our strength will be a collective strength; with students, families, communities, the Board of Education, teachers, support staff, administrators, and local business all working together to improve learning and teaching in the Willingboro Public School District. Critical decisions that impact all of us will be shared decisions.

In our vision, we see families actively involved in our children´s learning; sharing their own knowledge and expertise, helping teachers, tutoring students, and when appropriate, learning alongside students. We see family members who feel comfortable visiting classrooms and talking with school personnel but are also willing to help us teach our students outside classroom walls. We see each school community as an extended family in which we ALL look out for each other´s children and ALL help each other learn and grow.

In our vision, we see teachers as adult learners who have the administrative support, the professional obligation, to become education leaders. Our teachers will have more time: time to share and collaborate with each other, time for thoughtful reflection and careful planning, time to work more closely with students on an individual basis, and time to become more involved in the community. Our teachers will be actively involved in making decisions that directly affect them: decisions about staff development, curriculum development, scheduling, and allocation of resources.

In our vision, we see students as both ambassadors of their culture and as citizens. In our schools students learn about social climate while they learn the contents and skills they will need to be self-sufficient and responsible world citizens. Our schools celebrate the differing "gifts" bestowed upon our students. We acknowledge and accommodate different interests, different learning styles, different learning rates, different kinds of intelligence, and different ways of knowing. Above all, however, we expect the very best from all of our students because we know that they are capable; and so do they.

In our vision, we see school facilities which are technologically state of the art. We see computer terminals at every desk and we see technology used as an important instructional tool to achieve excellence. In our schools, we stress that ALL members of the school family should be technologically literate. Our schools will see sufficient resources to provide inviting facilities, adequate equipment, and a student / teacher ratio that affords each student the opportunity to achieve his/her maximum potentials. Our schools will encourage and foster an atmosphere which values excellence, discipline and mutual respect.